QR Code Reader for Linguacious® flashcards

(requires Internet connection)

OPTION 1 (Linguacious scanner)

video tutorial available below

The best, simplest, and fastest QR code scanner for the majority of our flashcards and posters is the QR Reader we have proudly developed at Linguacious® ourselves (click here to download it). 

For the moment, if you have purchased our English Animals or Spanish Animals products, we suggest you also try option 2 below and see which you like best. 

OPTION 2 (alternative):

If you have purchased our English or Spanish Animals products, we suggest you use this QR code reader for the moment. For all of our other products, use option 1 above. 

If you have any issues at all scanning our codes, please contact our support team through this link and we will be glad to assist you. You can also send an email to contact@linguacious.net if you prefer.

Thank you so much from the founders of Linguacious! 

Thank you so much from the founders of Linguacious! 

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