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game-based vocabulary flashcards™

(as featured on the Language Magazine)

Children can now learn vocabulary in dozens of languages effortlessly while playing research-based, fun, social, and engaging games!  

What makes the AWARD-WINNING Linguacious® game-based flashcards™ so special?

“ Linguacious flashcards are the perfect way to introduce foreign languages to your homeschool students” - LLAH Review


Just some of the reasons...

* WINNER of the following prestigious awards: Dr. Toy's Best 100 Educational Toys award, Dr. Toy's 20 Best Gifts award, and the Tillywig Brain Child award!

* Each card fosters the development of all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking

* Developed by Ph.D. language learning experts and based on scientific principles of language learning

* The only flashcards that feature REAL pronunciation by native speakers. Click here to download the QR Code Reader app for scanning the QR codes and see a video of it in action.

* Many FUN games you can play; your imagination is the limit!

* Available in LOTS of languages. Languages and topics are constantly expanding! Click here to vote on next topics and languages.

* 100% designed and made in USA.


We also have beautiful posters for schools or homes!

Set of 3 posters (18 images each)

Dimensions: 16.75" width x 12" height

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Coming soon: