How is it possible to have audio on physical flashcards?

We make use of QR codes that you can scan with the Linguacious® app, using your cellphone, Ipad, or tablet. The audio for each cards is also available on this website, in case someone would prefer to use the website audio for some of the games. 

What is the size of the flashcards?

Flashcards are poker-size (2.5" x 3"5), which makes them the perfect size to hold in your hands and play the games!

Are the voices by native speakers of the languages?

Most definitely! All words are recorded by well-educated native speakers of each of the languages.   

Will the QR codes work forever?

All QR codes are stored in paid servers. We commit to ensuring that all QR codes will work for at least 2 years after date of purchase of a Linguacious® product. Make sure to register your product within 30 days of purchase to activate your 2-year technical audio warranty.

I would like to order a large quantity of the posters/flashcards. Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! For larger quantities of items (above 20), please get in touch with us here

Does Linguacious® plan to offer more topics and languages soon?

We certainly do! The more requests we get for a certain topic and language, the earlier we will release it. If one of the language/topic combinations you see here on the site is still not available, you can vote for it and sign up to be notified when it’s released, right from the page itself.

Where are the products manufactured?

Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Can I make copies of the flashcards or posters?

No. All our materials are copyrighted and trademarked, and any reproduction is illegal.