Around the Home Flashcards - Japanese (52 cards) / free shipping

Around the Home Flashcards - Japanese (52 cards) / free shipping



Learn the name, spelling (both traditional and romaji), and pronunciation (audio by native speakers) of 52 common home objects in Japanese, while playing over 8 different fun games to practice your knowledge! You may play the games with just one Linguacious™ deck or with several different decks.  Click here for a free Japanese katakana and hiragana chart.

  • Winner of the prestigious Tillywig Brain Child Award and Dr. Toy's 100 Best Educational Toys Award! Your child will learn reading, writing, listening, and speaking with these cards. MADE IN USA and a portion of our profits are donated to foster foreign language learning in K-12 in the USA.

  • The only vocabulary flashcards that feature real pronunciation by native speakers (Internet required)

  • Fun and perfect for toddlers, children, and even adults. Real color photographs only.

  • Learn the names and pronunciation of 52 common home objects in less than a week of play!

  • Our suggested games to learn Japanese (includes word bingo) are guaranteed to get you to learn all words in no time!

  • If Japanese for kids is what you are looking for, our Japanese flashcards are the perfect resource for that!

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