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Tillywig Award (Brain Child Award)

Dr. Toy (100 Best Toys of 2017 Award + Best 20 Gifts Award)

Family Review Center (Seal of Approval)

Creative Child Award (Game of the Year)

Academics' Choice Award

Media Articles about Linguacious®:

Language Magazine (May 2019, interview on Yup’ik flashcards)

Language Magazine (Nov, 2018)

Nós (Irish blog; piece in Irish Gaelic itself)

The Kurdish Project

Blog reviews (click on link to open full review):

For the Love of Spanish

“For families who are learning a new language that is indeed new to everyone in the family, these cards would be an invaluable resource. Linguacious makes the learning interactive (not just receptive), and makes it so that kids can take charge of their own learning.“

Bilingual Monkeys

“I was immediately impressed with the thought and creativity that have gone into the Linguacious flashcards. These flashcards are unique, unlike any others you’ll currently find on the market, and could well be a valuable addition to the resources you use to promote your target language(s).”

Languages at Home

“Linguacious flashcards are the perfect way to introduce foreign languages to your homeschool students, regardless of their age, and they’ve proven hugely enjoyable for our little ones. What really makes the cards so great for homeschoolers: they are visual flashcards (more on that in a second) AND they seamlessly integrate with pronunciation software—meaning that YOU don’t have to speak the language that your kids are learning in order to use them in your home.”

Bilingual Babies

“It worked extremely well and provided a smooth user experience—an important feature if you use the cards with children! Definitely 5 stars for the technology behind the Linguacious flashcards.”

Language Preschools

“Both the flashcards and the posters are incredibly sturdy. Both, too, are the perfect size.”

Speak at Home Tonight

“I had so much fun using these cards on my own as well as with my niece and nephew. They were super excited to see the cards and were immediately intrigued on how to play. […] There are so many ways to play with and use the cards, it's a great tool in my arsenal for teaching Polish to others.”


“It is a great way to practice and truly internalize a new language. I have used them with my 2nd graders in a word study center where they scan the QR code, listen to the word, then they'll try to use it in a sentence. I've also used these with my 18 month old baby girl!”

Spanish Mama

“They [The Linguacious flashcards] all include QR codes that work with the Linguacious App, so you can check for pronunciation on the spot, with examples from native speakers. Kids LOVE this feature, since they can scan the cards themselves!”

All Done Monkey 1, All Done Monkey 2

“There are many different games you can play with them, so it is a fun way to learn and practice vocabulary in the target language. The photos are clear and colorful. But what my kids really love is that you can scan a QR code on each card and hear the pronunciation! This is wonderful for tech-loving kids, but also for parents who aren’t native speakers themselves. You know your child is being exposed to the correct pronunciation in Spanish by a native speaker!”

The Kefar

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if your printed flashcards could talk? What if I told you that these talking flashcards exist? I didn’t create them (but I sure wish I had!) – that credit goes to Linguacious. […] The app scans the card in seconds, and pronounces the Hebrew words very clearly. It’s a perfect vocabulary tool for anyone with little to no Hebrew background, and is great for adults and children alike”.

Hapless Housewifery

“My three year-old daughter giggled and clapped as she listened and repeated every pronunciation. My daughter loved helping me scan the codes, and she thoroughly enjoyed repeating each term. She loved every minute! These cards are for all children, no matter what their educational background. These cards would easily compliment public and private school language programs. I’d even recommend them for teachers to use in classrooms during formal language learning. If I’m honest, I’m a fully grown adult with a Master’s degree, and I loved playing with them!“